In 1987 Bamali was born. It did not start as a well-prepared project directed to
some great future goals. No, it started spontaneously. Marjorie Kort accepted some
orders to design and make clothes for friends. They were enthusiastic and told
other friends. In a short time Marjorie’s clientele had grown so much that a fashion
business became obvious. Bamali was established as a design atelier and a
fashion store. First a charming small store in an old fortress in Curacao. Followed
by one in Bonaire. A few years later an old monument in the Breedestraat
Curacao was restored and made into a beautiful store with the atelier on the third floor.

Bamali’s formula? Unique and artistic clothes that wear easily and fit the person.
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Can I order by mail? Many clients of Bamali want to order something by mail.
Unfortunately this is not possible. Most of the clothes you see on the website
are unique pieces. Of others just a few pieces are available. If you want to
buy or order something personal, there is no other way than to visit our boutique.
In case you want something personal and unique, we take your measure,
discuss the design and colours and make it for you in a very short time.
© 2016 Bamali, Credits: Photography Frouwkje Smit and webdesign Larissa Neslo.